Maré is the largest favela in Rio de Janeiro and suffers from considerable militarized police violence. Redes de Maré is a multifaceted organization that has worked for over a decade to bring culture, education, dance, photography, a census, and community pride to Maré. It is an amazing organization.

Brazil has a university system based on a very difficult and biased entrance exam known as the vestíbular. If you pass the exam, one gets free excellent education, and those who pass are those that can pay for the high level entrance exam prep courses known as the cursinho. The result is that the richer elites go to free high quality university education because they can pay for the prep courses.

The existing system exacerbates inequality and discrimination. One of the many things that Redes de Maré excels at is to train the youth of Maré to perform at the highest level on the college entrance exams. Rise Up & Care is honored to provide a grant to expand this program of college entrance exam prep to even more youth at all ages. We salute the many courageous activists at Redes de Maré, including Eliana Sousa Silva and Maira Gabriel and many others. You are our heroes.