Powerful, authentic, cinematographic and inspiring stories
of the human spirit. 

Rise Up & Care is producing an ongoing Documentary Television Series featuring stories from around the world that share a slice in the life of the local leaders who have built successful non-profit's focused on empowering Youth in the community through Performance, Art and Education based programs, and the many lives they transform for good!

Rise Up & Care Documentary series is focused
on the following key messages;

  • Support, love, community, a healthy sense of self and connection to purpose are important for a fulfilling, healthy life.

  • When we are generous in Spirit, with an honest desire to help another human being be free from harm, have their needs met (food, shelter, education, sense of community, identity & purpose); we are filled with a sense of gratitude, joy and a richness in spirit that money just can't buy. Gratitude is the attitude!

  • LOCAL Communities know what their issues and needs are, they also know how to change these issues and meet their own needs. With added support and aid from others, the local leaders can continue to make a positive difference in their own community. 

  • Earth is full of diversity of cultures, lands and people. But underneath all of our skin, our hearts all beat the same; we are capable of greatness beyond measure. The world needs to unite as one heart and see peace prevail.

2015 Organizations

Crescer e Viver: 


Crescer e Viver contribute to social and human development, using culture and circus arts as a central element of a performance focused on generating multiple opportunities for personal and collective ascension to children, adolescents and young people from the popular classes.




The Social badminton Miratus project was created in 1998 in order to fight the lack of opportunities and idleness of children, youth and adolescents in the favelas in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, teaching them to choose another way of life rather than crime and drugs as a means to gain status and identity.