Gira & the Circus of Life.  This is a trailer of a forthcoming 1-hour film about the inspiring story of Crescer e Viver directed by Lili Fialho and Kátia Lund!

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Crescer e Viver contribute to social and human development, using culture and circus arts as a central element of a performance focused on generating multiple opportunities for personal and collective ascension to children, adolescents and young people from the popular classes. They do not discriminate or refuse an individual to join and learn based on social status, class, race, sex or body type. All are welcome who have a willingness and commitment to learn and join their family!

The core principals Crescer e Viver (To Grow & Live) stand by to teach the youth are;

1) I AM (Who are you? You are someone with an identity and you matter.)

2) I CAN (You can achieve anything you set your heart, mind and body to.)

3) I WANT (What do you want? What are your dreams? Know them and go after them!)

Rise Up & Care is so thrilled to share the news that our first documentary film starring Crescer e Viver is directed by Katia Lund, the co-director of City of God!